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Better to use a template with a hosted site and promote your business on your own. Just remember your website is only one part of your online presence for about 99% of businesses.

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We’ve done real-world user testing, getting feedback from first-timers to creating websites, plus we’ve done independent assessments of website builder features. Based on what you are saying, you have only read about Wix, but have never actually attempted to a build a website for yourself. I’ve personally built Wix websites for business that compete on a national scale and achieved 1st page results for them.

Any “website designer” can do a poor job of SEO independent of the platform they build with. They communicate the URL by word of mouth so the few people who do go see one of the most hideous websites on the planet. Have you ever seen a custom website built on WordPress by an amateur? At least Wix will offer them a step by step guide and very easy to use templates that plug and play. I don’t have any solutions off the top of my head.

Google does not like you and as a result, no one should ever use you. Hi, erm, Anonymous… sorry it’s not self promoting as I don’t build websites just now and haven’t for a long time. I get it, not everyone has a decent budget, but more often than not, when I see budgets limited for building an online presence, it often costs more in the long run due to lack of visibility. This isn’t just around the website, it’s about awareness of other moments that matter to your customer – e.g.

The only thing I would ever see using wix for is a non-business which never wants to make it anywhere. Wix is the worst thing you could ever spend time on. I have had to clean up the mess these false web builders leave with my customers. You are not web developers, you are con artist.

You will never show up on Bing, Yahoo or Google. The website will be awful and look the same as every other WIX site.

  • However, we recommend using an ecommerce-specific platform like Shopify or BigCommerce because they have better sales features.
  • Wix and Weebly are two of the most popular builders on the market, with their intuitive drag-and-drop features making web design feel like child’s play.
  • You can build an online store with website builders like Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace by upgrading to their ecommerce plans, which will give you access to their sales tools.

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I don’t use builders, and despite some of the ‘self serving’ comments I don’t build a lot of websites, I’m more into working alongside businesses during the build to ensure it’s done properly. I’ve heard good things about webflow, but never used it so can’t comment on functionality or SEO etc. I’m a web developer who has been working for 11 years. Wix will never rank in the search engines, it’s a joke on how junky the quality is.

It would be like me building a house…I’d manage to get shelter, but it wouldn’t last and it would be an uncomfy place to stay. I’ve been online with business almost since the internet began. I have paid developers, built them myself and used most of the major and some of the minor hosted websites. Business people who are starting out and not familiar with websites are wasting their time on most developers.

It often costs more in the long run, or you do the site twice – i.e. a second time later on. It’s the lost opportunity cost that’s the invisible cost. And yes, if you use Wix or any other platform with no experience of SEO it’s going to perform worse.

1&1 MyWebsiteandWordPresscome in fourth and fifth, also racking up scores of 4 stars and 3.5 stars each.GoDaddy GoCentral andSite123 both score 3 stars overall and round out the list. Like the top three, these sites remain easy to use, but aren’t as generous with the features available and are quite restrictive with their editing tools.